RinseFM x Jyoty Mix


Diamonds - DrewsThatDude

Favors - DrewsThatDude x Gravez

Can We - DrewsThatDude

Nimbus - DrewsThatDude

Blitz - Karbon

*untitled* - Fortune x Gravez x DrewsThatDude

Scary Spooked - Tek.lun

wuntootri - Tek.Lun

Face Chiq - Tek.Lun

Walking On a Dream (DrewsThatDude Remix) - Empire of The Sun

6,000,000 Woolong - Tek.Lun

Less is More - DrewsThatDude x Tek.lun

You Da One (DrewsThatDude Remix) - Rihanna


Guest mix for the homies at Underground Charisma
Youtube: www.youtube.com/undergroundcharisma


DrewsThatDude - Back It Up

DrewsThatDude - 2Door

DrewsThatDude - Love Sushi

DrewsThatDude - Kings 

DrewsThatDude x Orijanus - Brooklyn

DrewsThatDude - Punchanella

DrewsThatDude - Gossip

Liz Lokre - Buh Bye (DrewsThatDude Remix)

salute - Silver Tides (DrewsThatDude Remix)

DrewsThatDude - Patience ft. JoeyXL

DrewsThatDude - Get Over


Amsterdam showed too much love! Thank you to everybody that came through
Thank you again to @klearamsterdam for having me be apart of a very legendary night.


Throw Some D’s (Gravez x DrewsThatDude) - Rich Boy

Buy You A Drank (DK The Punisher Remix) // Come And See Me - PND

Kokamoe Freestyle - Goldlink

you know u only do that - Tek.lun

Put your hands where my eyes can see - Busta

Homecoming - DrewsThatDude // Bang Your Line - Elhae & Ty Dolla$ign 

Scary  Spooked - Tek.lun

Friend Zone - Thundercat

The Weekend (Zikomo remix) - SZA

Bedtime Story - Goldlink

Rock The Boat - DK The punsiher

Liquor (DrewsThatDude x Fortune Remix) - Chris Brown

Addiction - DrewsThatDude

Blessings - DrewsThatDude x Gravez

Patience - DrewsThatDude x JoeyXL

Less Bounce - DrewsThatDude x Tek.lun // Snappin & Trappin - Eric Bellinger

Swervin - Gravez x Lonny X

Warrior - Metro Thuggin

Firedance - Last Night In Paris

Still Simpin - Dk The punisher

Ps & Qs - Lil Uzi Vert

Pull- herzeloyde

You w montell2099 - herzeloyde

Mary - Curren$y

Been A Minute - Last Night In Paris

Self Made - Bryson Tiller

Perplexing Pegasus - Rae Sremmurd

Poppin Tags (DrewsThatDude Remix) - Future

Feed Me Dope - Future

Thank you to JAYEMKAYEM for having me on her show, did a 30 minute mix for the homegirl with tons of unreleased music in here, originals with JoeyXL, fwdslxsh, Gravez, EARTHGANG and a couple remixes/edits as well.

Pull Up - Tek.Lun x DrewsThatDude

Honey - JoeyXL 

Love - Gravez x DrewsThatDude

The Spark - Tek.Lun x DrewsThatDude

Punchanella - EARTHGANG

Deserve It - Gravez x DrewsThatDude x FORTUNE

Run Up x Gossip - PARTYNEXTDOOR x DrewsThatDude

Buh Bye (DrewsThatDude) - Liz Lokre

Buff Ting - DrewsThatDude x FWDSLXSH

No Better Love - Jacquees x Dej Loaf

Patience - JoeyXL

Less is More - Tek.Lun x DrewsThatDude